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Windsor, Connecticut

Windsor and Wethersford, Connecticut both lay claims to being the first town settled in the State of Connecticut. Which came first is unclear, however, is sure, Windsor was first settled by the English in 1635 in a group led by Reverend Warham and Reverend Maverick. Among these early settlers were my ancestors, Thomas Dewey, Matthew Allyn, Thomas Newberry and Thomas Ford. I have a page about the history of Windsor planned and will provide a link on this page when it is ready. Until that page is complete you may view the photographs I took in Windsor of the town and of graves in the Palisado Cemetery located next to and behind The First Church.

Photo Gallery Index

Listed below are links to the photo galleries available here for Windsor, Connecticut. Gallery 1 has photographs of older graves located in The Palisado Cemetery. The second gallery will include photographs of the huge memorial to the founders of Windsor that includes all the names of the first settlers in Windsor.

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