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Suffield, Connecticut

Suffield began around 1670 as a settlement after John Pynchon paid the Indians 30 pounds for a place called Stony Brooke Plantation. The area connected Windsor and Springfield. Families (mostly from Springfield) settled the area and made their homes there. But in 1675 King Philip's War was raging and the people there (as many other smaller settlements in the region had to do,) were forced to move back to Springfield. The settlement was destroyed by fire by the Indians. Around 1679 they returned and rebuilt the settlement. In 1674 the town officially took the name Suffield. In 1749 Suffield, Massachusetts (originally intended to be Southfield) became Suffield, Connecticut.

The oldest burial ground in Suffield is Old Center Cemetery, located on the grounds of the First Church of Suffield. Unfortunately, many of the graves and headstones were removed during renovations and additions to the church. My Kent ancestors were buried there but their headstones no longer exist. The cemetery is located adjacent to the land of Noah Kent from whom I descend. I did take many photographs of many of the headstones there as well as a few monuments which can be seen in the photo gallery.

Coming soon will be lists of men who served this country in the various wars from the French Indian Wars of the 1600's to World War II who were from Suffield.

Military Service In Suffield

Below are links to pages that contain a list of men from Suffield who served in various wars taken from the War Memorial in Suffield.

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