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New Ashford, Massachusetts

New Ashford in Berkshire County, Massachusetts was first incorporated as a district February 26, 1781. On March 14, 1793 a portion of New Ashford was taken to make up the town of Cheshire. People began settling the area around 1762. Among the earliest settlers of the town were:

The first store in New Ashford was kept by Peregrine Turner, the first hotel was kept by William Starkweather and the first taverns belonged to Abel and Gideon Kent. The first town record that recorded a town meeting is dated June 7, 1775. On that date it was decided that the Committee of "Rodes" should lay out a burying place. At that time the town was called "New Ashford Plantation". You can see a record of the early town meetings and find more information about the early settlers of New Ashford on the records page here.

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