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Lanesborough, Massachusetts

Lanesborough was first settled around 1753 at which time it was called New Framingham. It was not incorporated until 1765 at that time the name was changed to Lanesborough. It was named after the Countess of Lanesborough. Many of the early settlers in this town came from Connecticut. Early land records mention Woodbury and Suffield but also New York and other areas of Massachusetts. In the early days there was no court in Lanesborough and matters that required a court were held first in Northampton then in Great Barrington and later Pittsfield.

Early Lanesborough Settlers

Before 1759 the following list of men were heads of the first families of Lanesborough.

After 1759 settlers who came into Lanesborough included the following:

You can find more information about the early settlers of Lanesborough on the records page here.

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